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Gold Butte Back Country Byway Signage Project:

Years ago, ranchers, miners, native Americans, trappers, hunters and prospectors (to name a few) 'knew' the land. Signage to those hardy desert travelers was provided in the landscape and significant landmarks of the area. Today, however, landmarks are equated with the golden arches of McDonald's or the tallest building in the area instead of prominent rock formations, seeps of water, or mountain peaks. And although long-time rural residents of northeast Clark County may navigate the Back Country Byway without signs, they are most certainly in the minority. New residents, tourists, and urbanites from the Vegas and St George areas outnumber the locals on any given weekend as they enjoy the Gold Butte area. These people need signs. Many don't have a clue, even with GPS devices, of where they are in relation to where they need to go in order to get home.

PIC submitted a grant to provide such signage to the Nevada Recreational Trails Program and that grant was rated 2nd in the funding package for 2005. Funds are distributed to each state by the Federal Highway Administration Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. We are working with the BLM and rural non-profit organizations to install signage along the entire 62 miles of the Gold Butte Back Country Byway; additionally, PIC and volunteers will GPS all sign locations, monitor signs, and replace damaged or vandalized signs so that visitors can traverse the entire Byway safely, enjoying the desert scenery and views instead of worrying about where they are and if they took the right road.

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