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Completed projects

Desert Tortoise Retrofit Fencing Project:

Tortoise-proof fencing is hung along busy highways to prevent desert tortoise road-kill and to provide additional safe habitat for tortoises adjacent to major transportation routes. Over 1100 individuals have installed over 86,000 feet (16 miles) and contributes almost 7,000 hours up to summer of 2005. This project has just been completed. Statistics will be updated soon. Read more.

Perkins Ranch Clean-up:

The Perkins Ranch lies adjacent to the Muddy River in Moapa, Nevada not far from the headwater springs. No longer farmed, part of the ranch was purchased for its environmentally sensitive qualities. However, decades of accumulated debris and rusty farm equipment cluttered several acres, so PIC partnered with the industrious Moapa Valley High School FFA (Future Farmers of America) to remove over 20 tons of trash, plus old vehicles, equipment and a storage trailer from the property.  Read more

Trees are S.H.A.D.E.:
Ute V. Perkins Elementary School in Moapa, Nevada sits adjacent to busy State Route 168: so close in fact that the playground's perimeter fence is the only barrier between the hectic highway and the school. PIC and the school's staff worked closely together to design a creative buffer zone of trees, not only for safety, but also for much needed shade, a privacy screen, and a wind break from the relentlessly hot southwestern winds. Education and direct participation of the students further enhanced this project Read more

Bunkerville Elementary Adopt a Tortoise project:
  Staff of the JL Bowler Elementary School in Bunkerville, Nevada, PIC, and the Tortoise Group worked together assisting the students in their adoption of a tortoise. A tortoise habitat was built in the school's courtyard, grants and paperwork were submitted, and various educational projects took place so that students learned about the threatened desert tortoise, the Mojave Desert, and other desert creatures - all of which culminated in the official adoption of Shelly on June 6, 2002.  Read more

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