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Current Projects

GPS Roads Project:

PIC, BLM, and volunteers from rural organizations work together GPSing routes, camp sites, trash, cattle-guards, signs, intersections, illegal hill climbs, and other features. This data will create an accurate and thorough database which is necessary for a designated road system and road management strategies, both of which are required BLM mitigation actions. Read more.

Desert Clean-up Project:
Our Desert Clean-up Project  is part of the BLM's Mojave Desert Restoration Project, one of nine projects in Nevada funded through President Bush's Cooperative Conservation Initiative. CCI projects focus on unique partnerships between government agencies and private organizations. PIC and rural organizations have removed well over 100 tons of trash from northeast Clark County public lands to date. Read more.

Gold Butte Back Country Byway Signage Project:

This scenic byway travels through stunning desert landscapes, surrounded by unique geographical formations for 62 miles in the Gold Butte area. While the first third of the route is obviously a main corridor, the remaining portion increasingly becomes more remote, less clearly defined and devoid of signage. PIC and rural volunteers are installing BLM approved byway signs along the entire route to guide and assist sight-seers in enjoying the full magnitude of their visit. Read more.


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