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Desert Cleanup Project

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Lands and Minerals Rebecca Watson selected the Las Vegas BLM Field Office's Mojave Desert Restoration Project, one of only 50 in the nation, to announce President Bush's Cooperative Conservation Initiative Program. "It's what the president talks about when he refers to citizen stewards," Ms. Watson stated, underscoring how the project will utilize volunteers and Boy Scouts. PIC was pleased to be identified as a primary partner in this massive endeavor to clean up the desert, and working with the BLM, selected several large illegal dumping sites in northeast Clark County to being cleaning up.

Citizens of Moapa, members of the Moapa Valley Rotary Club, members of the LDS Logandale 4th Ward, Boy Scout Troop 118, the Virgin Valley High School Club Soul, and the Moapa Valley High School FCCLA group have contributed over 600 hours to date (summer of 2005) by removing in excess of 100 tons of trash from Battleship Wash in Moapa, Nevada (right next to the US Fish and Wildlife's Moapa Refuge), from numerous sites on Mormon Mesa, and from what locals affectionately call 'tortoise wash' east of the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale, Nevada.

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