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Desert Tortoise Retrofit Fencing Project

Mandated by the US Fish and Wildlife to protect the desert tortoise and to mitigate or off-set continued development in the Las Vegas valley, 1'' by 1'' mesh fencing is installed along busy highways in Clark County. I-15 stretches across 13 miles (26 both sides) on Mormon Mesa between the communities of Moapa Valley and Virgin Valley. Habitat along the freeway is designated ACEC (areas of critical environmental concern), thus dictating that all the work be done by hand. 

Over 1,100 86,000 feet (16 miles) and contributed almost 7,000 hours of volunteer labor by hand digging trenches along existing fences, attaching tortoise fencing, and back-filling the dirt in this highly successful conservation project funded through the CCMSHCP (Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Program). This project, administered by PIC, provides one of the very few opportunities for the public to actively participate in the CCMSHCP.

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