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Perkins Ranch Clean-up Project:

Funded by The Conservation Fund (TCF), the primary focus of this project was to dispose of all the old farm equipment, miscellaneous debris, numerous parts and piecesof rusty machines, a storage trailer with a caved in roof, and to remove any branches and tree stumps that had been dumped in the largest of the washes intersecting the farm land and draining directly into the Muddy River.

Pic turned to the MVHS FFA (Moapa Valley High School Future Farmers of America), an industrious and hard-working group of students, who promptly started working on the project, ultimately earning $2,000.00 to help finance their year's activities and competitions. The resourceful and enterprising students delivered the storage trailer to a local contractor and recognizing the value of recycling, took the bigger pieces of metal and farm equipment back to their school to use in refining their welding, cutting, and fabricating skills.

We invited TCF, the Las Vegas Field Office of the BLM, Republic Services, citizens of Moapa, the Moapa Town Board, and the FFA, their families, and advisors to a BBQ to thank the FFA and to acknowledge the efficient, professional work these teenagers had done. Senator Warren Hardy, Nevada (seen above), a strong supporter of hands-on conservation efforts and FFA-type organizations, accepted a token of appreciation from FFA officers. This was also an opportunity for PIC to celebrate as not only was this our first completed venture, the Perkins Ranch Clean-up Project also validated our belief that partnerships are the foundation of successful conservation.

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